Graduated in 1986 as a Cosmetologist and  an
esthetician in Los Angeles California.  Specializing in
Skin Care, Body Care and Professional Make-up. Two
years later in 1988 she started to learn about Permanent
Make-Up. Since then, she has gained all the experience
necessary to successfully update her career, attending
beauty conventions and seminars to keep up with the
latest renovations in the beauty industry. Carmen has
been a part of numerous beauty shows and television
appearances explaining different aspects of Permanent
Make-Up. Not to mention her Masters in Permanent
Make-Up teaching at an international level maintaining
her professionalism for over 25 years, with over 30,000
procedures done to date!
Carmen De Lara
Certified Technician,
Aesthetician  & Trainer
Since 1989
Long Beach Beauty Show
A class that Carmen De Lara
taught in 2011
Doing a demonstration for one of
Carmen De Lara's Classes
Television Appearances
Doing a demonstration
Long Beach Beauty Show
With a group of students in 2010
Univision 34 Los Angeles
Morning Show
Telemundo Cara a Cara
Talk Show
About Carmen De Lara
!Hablo Español!
With her student Cheri who took
her training class in Los Angeles in
February 2013
Merritt and Megan who
took her class in July 2013