Frequently Asked Questions
What is Permanent Makeup?

A procedure (micro pigmentation); a cosmetic form of tattooing. Implanting color (pigment, typically iron
oxide) into the surface of the skin to shape and enhance Eyebrows, Eyes, and Lips. For many years men
and women have used this procedure to enhance eyebrows, eyes, and lips and to also correct their skin
color. This procedure can also be used for corrections of scars, cleft lip, areola restoration and vitiligo.
Most women who have had permanent cosmetics find to be wearing much less makeup than before.
While you can still wear your regular everyday makeup, permanent cosmetics is intended to enhance
your facial features. It is a very simple process with no risk and almost painless as throughout the
procedure you will feel the effects of a topical anesthetic.
So is this really a tattoo?

Yes it really is a tattoo.
Is it really permanent?

As it is a tattoo, it is NOT permanent like a regular tattoo is. I only use the highest quality pigments
that are used just for permanent makeup and they will eventually fade over time. The natural
elements, anti-aging creams, sun exposure, sweating, tanning beds and just age of the
permanent makeup, without question, will fade in time.  It is often recommended to get a
"booster" color every year to keep the color at its best.
Will it hurt?

It depends on the person, it can range from even a ticklish sensation to that irritating sensation
to even a really painful sensation. It also depends on the procedure as well. Typically the
eyebrows will be a lot less painful overall than the eyeliner, but it also really does depend on the
person as well. I know more than a handful of people where they did not fell much pain as they
thought they would. I will also use a combination of topical anesthetics to help you cope as well.
What is the healing time for the procedures?

This also ranged from person to person as well but it usually takes about 4-6 weeks for the
procedure to fully heal. During this process, the 'wound' will scab (as with any tattoo or wound)
and you will see some color specks fall off. Perfectly normal. The color will become softer and
less intense, it is recommended to come in between those 4-6 weeks to get a touch-up of that
What's the point of the follow-up again?

The follow-up is when you would come in after the 4-6 weeks and most clients do. When you
get the first application, it will almost always be darker than what you want, this is because
once it heals and scabs, the color will be lighter. Also, the thickness of the line will also shrink a
little too. People come in to usually get the color darker, as they changed their mind and liked
it how it was before, or to get the lines a thicker.
How many years of experience do you have?

I have 25 years of experience, I have been on many talk-shows, been to countless beauty
conventions (every year to keep up with the latest trends in beauty) and also have been
owning my own business for many, many years. I'm not only certified in permanent makeup,
but I am also an Esthetician and do many skin treatments as well, see my Services page for
my information.
My most popular question, do you do corrections?

I have had (too) many clients coming in and asking me if I could fix their permanent
makeup procedures. I do corrections of all sorts, from the very badly drawn to just not even
eyebrows. Look at my Eyebrows gallery, toward the end, to see pictures of before and
afters of corrections. Before deciding on getting permanent makeup done, always always
always ask to see pictures of their work, you will not be disappointed if you like what they
have done on other people. This is why I always stay on top of the most recent and modern
cosmetic procedures, so what I'm doing is always fresh.
Do you do any training classes?

At the moment, I only do training classes In Los Angeles (more specifically, City of
Industry in the Puente Hills Mall). If you are interested, feel free to give me a call and I can
give you more detailed inofrmation.