Permanent Makeup
Permanent Make-Up
A Procedure(micro pigmentation) a
cosmetic form of tattooing implanting color
(pigment) into the surface of the skin to
shape and enhance eyebrows, eyes and lips.
It's a very simple process with no risk and
almost painless as through out the
procedure you will feel the affects of a
topical anestetic. Carmen will work with
you to figure out the best shape to fit your
facial features.
This very popular procedure is critical for patients who wish to have more fuller
and shaped eyebrows. You could have the freedom to go swimming, exercise,
dancing and change your clothes with out worrying about your. Your eyebrows will
be designed proportioned to your face and natural shap
The pigment can be placed between the eyelashes for a more fuller look although a
more bold and definite look can easily be achieved, or more fashionable with the
French style. Ophthalmologists have often recommended this procedure for those
with an allergy to conventional cosmetics.
Augmenting your lips with permanent cosmetics can make them look as if their
fuller, shaped and with a natural color. Lip liner can camouflage fine lines around
lips and prevent the look of lipstick bleeding. Most people like a more natural color
when others prefer a more dramatic effect.
Areola Reconstruction
Surgeons will recommend this procedure to women who have had breast
reconstruction in order to re pigment the new nipple area. Or if you would just like
to add color the areola/nipple area. The treatment as been proven to safe and
Scars (Re pigmenting)
Small areas are quickly and easily done to match the affected or scarred areas and
people with Virgilio can benefit from this safe and effective procedure.